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Commercial Loss Investigation is considered to be an essential tool when things are going wrong and the bottom line is adversely affected as a consequence.


It is often the case that commercially minded management will report any perceived loss as a theft to the local police and demand a response without realising that they cannot prove that an act of theft has taken place in the first instance. Any police officer attending a site operation will not be conversant with your site operational procedures and will invariably struggle to identify theft as the issue unless it is reasonably clear-cut. This can lead to high levels of frustration for both parties.


The loss investigation process will establish internal audit trails and conduct professional interviews in order to ascertain what is wrong. Through this process it is possible to determine whether your company is suffering from theft or, as can be the case, inadequate record keeping, mis-delivery, inadequate data handling procedures or inaccurate stock audits.


Once theft is clearly identified and the situation has been assessed, then a whole range of innovative solutions are available in order to prevent further loss and to ultimately resolve the situation. Our range of solutions include, both overt and convert initiatives where applicable.


In the event of theft, the incident and evidence will be packaged with the assistance of your own line managers and reported to the police. Our investigators will provide effective liaison for both the police and the client in order to obtain maximum security management impact for the client.


Once a solution to a problem has been identified and resolved, further analysis is undertaken and recommendations are then made in order to feed into the loss prevention cycle thus creating a continuous review of operating procedures.


The established principle that prevention is better than cure still holds good in today’s busy commercial environments.