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Before loss prevention can become effective, it is quite often the case that an element of ‘cure’ has to be initiated. Once a particular issue has been resolved and assessed for causation, effective preventative procedures can then be authorised and implemented.


Pro-active measures taken by our security investigators can also include customer or supplier visits. It can be the case that goods that are being accounted for by your operation have never arrived, only the paperwork.


Through regular security visits, our security advisers can make operational and security recommendations designed to prevent internal and externally influenced theft, unauthorised access to sites, unauthorised access to goods and vehicles. Regular reviews and the resolution of even relatively minor incidents through a well-structured interview process will assist in raising internal security awareness.


Our investigators will work closely with in-house management in order to identify physical security and procedural weaknesses, which are often a conduit for theft or loss. Good security practice should also be promoted internally and encouraged as an effective, no-cost option.


In the event that prevention methods may be circumvented, he loss detection and loss investigation processes can then be instigated and examined for causation and remedy leading to further loss prevention initiatives.